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SECONDS Sleepy Koi Pin


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SECONDS SALE! These imperfect pins have minor flaws, such as color discrepancies, small specks, or scratches in the metal. All seconds sales are final! (Standard grade Sleepy Koi pins are sold out, sorry!)

This 1.5" hard enamel pin is a collaboration with artist Renae Kobi (Sleepy Koi)! Includes two white rubber clutches.

A note from Renae: "Koi fish swimming upstream are often seen as symbols of overcoming adversities. They represent perseverance and resilience. This is my representation of self healing, with two koi fish swimming through waves of adversity in order to reach happiness, hope and healing (represented by the origami cranes) and self-love (represented by the rose). Wear it to keep you focused on your healing journey or give it as a gift to let someone know you support them on theirs ♥️"